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The Electric Campfire

The Electric Campfire

For as long as there’s been language, we've sat around the fire at night and shared stories.  It’s a tradition that is deeply ingrained in the human psyche.


Nowadays, technology has replaced the glow of the campfire, but we are still sharing stories.


This is The Electric Campfire.

“THOSE WHO TELL THE STORIES RULE THE WORLD.”   Hopi American Indian Proverb  


The ability to reach a targeted audience isn’t the problem.
The problem is winning their attention once you’ve reached them.


What goes into creating engaging story-based content?
How do you tell your organization’s story in a new and compelling way?
What stories should you tell?
How do you find those stories?


Electric Campfire StorySessions offer a variety of useful

interactive, hands-on workshops and events designed

to teach storytelling techniques and provide the inspiration and tools

to think more creatively about unearthing interesting, inspiring stories

that your audience wants to watch and share.



Keynote and General Sessions

that share how documentaries can help

brands and organizations tell powerful, influential stories - and the steps involved

in getting started.

story sessions

Interactive On-Site Workshops and Bootcamps designed to provide your organization with the knowledge and tools to find your stories and tell them well.


An in-depth multi-phase story research and development program providing a fully-crafted, production-ready story inventory.

Workshops & Presentations
The Book
roberts mckee



Denise Roberts McKee is a founding member of September Club, a documentary creative shop whose projects include JIM & ANDY (VICE/Netflix) and ZEDD: TRUE COLORS (Geffen/Innerscope). She is also the COO of About Face Media, where she has developed and produced brand stories for Fortune 500 clients such as JP Morgan and FedEX.  


As an author & speaker, Denise brings her years of experience working with leading brands to conferences and seminars worldwide. She specializes in helping organizations find their unique and iconic stories, and then craft those stories into documentary films.

The Online Marketing Institute named Denise as one of their Top 40 Digital Strategists in Marketing.  



Your guide to creating powerful video documentaries to elevate your brand's story and build a passionate following.


Available on Amazon



Chief content officer Article


Chief Content Officer Magazine Article

May 2018

By Denise Roberts McKee

Upcoming Presentations

Denise will be presenting

and chairing the

Government Employee Engagement & Internal Communication Strategies Conference

September 25th - 27th

Washington DC

Workshop, Conference Chair



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