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Let us help you discover, define, inventory, manage and articulate your brand’s most compelling stories.

This in-depth multi-phase story research and development program provides a fully-crafted,

production-ready story inventory.


We will conduct 20 interviews over 40 hours, in-person or via video conference.

Interviews are to be conducted by our two person team of a film director and brand storytelling expert.

These interviews will help you define key stakeholders, the creative thinkers and 'story keepers' of your company.

Once potential stories are identified, our research team will delve deeper into the resources discovered in the interviews. We will explore avenues of information beyond the initial interviews including archival footage, articles,

or historical materials that may exist at your company. Additional interviews may be conducted as well. All of these resources become the building blocks we use to unlock the richness of your story heritage.


Our next step is to take the results of our interviews and research collected, and put our findings in an inventory

of stories and story sources. We’ll catalog, refine and craft the story arcs that will most effectively reach your goals.

Our team will also recommend potential formats and appropriate distribution channels for each story.



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